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Orain Tubbs

Creator, Co-Founder, CEO

Brian Stutes, Co-Founder,

HEX Chief Programming Officer

My fitness journey began in high school and continued throughout my time in the military.  After my service I went through a period of binge eating and moderate drinking  with little to no fitness training which resulted in a major decline in health and excessive weight gain.  A trip to the doctor where I was told I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol and numerous other health problems was my wake up call.  I began working out and eating better, lots of research into nutrition and fitness turned my life around.    A year later my doctor was shocked at my results and could not believe that I hadn’t taken any of the many prescribed medicines she recommended for my health issues.  This evolved into a passion for fitness and nutrition that continues today.  


I strive to help anyone that walks into our gyms, no matter their age or fitness level.  I strongly believe in correct form over volume when training and continually research improved training methods for our members to be successful in their health/fitness journey.  My experience currently extends from training stay at home moms, Adaptive Athletes, Professional MMA fighters, Collegiate Athletes, SWAT/SF Operators and everyone in between, my hopes are that I can utilize that experience to help you reach your goals.  


If you are looking to make a positive fitness change in your life, I hope to see you at one of our HEX gyms soon!  

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